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January 2015

Congratulations on being part of the future!

I want to thank you for trusting me to care for your medical needs this year.  Our Town Medical is off to a fast start and part of a growing movement in the United States to provide "direct primary care." 

My goal - and the goal of the direct primary care movement - is to always provide you with excellent care in a personal, unhurried manner.

Time Magazine has named direct primary care as a "Solution for Medical Care in America for 2015."  Our style of medical care is exploding across the country.

As we move into 2015 together, I thought you might enjoy reading this Time magazine article to learn more:

Happy New Year

November 2014

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the first edition of the “Doc Gibb Blog.”  At least once a month I will write about medical topics that will help you understand your medical care and stay healthy.

The Our Town Medical Clinic is now one month old and Beth (our nurse) and I have had a chance to introduce many of you to the new clinic in South Main.  We are very proud of our new digs.  Those who have not seen me have just been too healthy (good for you).   I have also done a lot of house calls for those who need that service, and I want to thank you all for welcoming me into your homes.

If you need to reach me, please send an email to, or text me at (719) 722–3606, or call me at (719) 722-3606 or (719) 207-1951.  If possible, I’ll reply within a few minutes.  If I’m with a patient, I will try to get back to you to you in no more than an hour.  We have had some communication glitches in the last month, but I think they are now fixed.  Thank you for your patience.

We are entering the time of year when we are starting to see more respiratory illness.  Be sure to eat right, wash you hands frequently and get enough sleep to keep your immune system strong.   I am starting to be concerned about the start of the flu season.   I have not seen a case yet in the county, but it is coming.  Please get to your local pharmacy and get your flu shot as soon as possible.  About 10,000, mostly elderly and sick individuals, die of the flu every year.  It takes about 7-14 days after the immunization to start the immune response that will protect you.  I don’t want any cases of influenza at Our Town Medical this year.

Flu Info:

  • For 2014-2015 the U.S. licensed influenza vaccines will contain the same 3 or 4 virus strains as those in the 2013-14 vaccine.  However, the virus mutates slightly every year, so even if you received a shot last year you still need one this year.
  • I used to advise folks to wait until December to get the vaccine so it would cover infections in to the spring and not “wear off.”  However, recent vaccines seem to last for at least 6 months; so now I recommend getting the shot as soon as you can.
  • There is a high dose vaccine available for patients over the age of 65 that has 4x as much active antigen in it than the regular immunization.  This is only useful in those over 65, as their immune systems need more of a stimulation to protect the patient.  I do recommend this form of the shot for those of you over 65.  The shot does cause some increased soreness, but is worth it.
  • There are medications that reduce the symptoms of the flu, but they have to be started within 24 hours of symptoms.  If you have a fever, a cough, and feel like you got hit by a truck, please call me right away so we can get you started on the meds.

Thanks for your support of Our Town Medical Clinic.  I’ll be in touch on new developments soon.