What is Our Town Medical?

Our Town Medical is a Direct Primary Care Practice. This is a model of medical practice that puts the patient first. We see patients when they need to be seen; we don’t rush appointments, we do house calls if needed and we develop a personal relationship with every patient.

We have returned to the roots of medical care by emphasizing clinical excellence, compassionate knowledge of every patient, accessibility, convenience and affordability. We do this by keeping a limit on the number of patients we care for and eliminating insurance companies from the equation.

You don’t take insurance?

In order to keep costs down we charge a fixed monthly fee depending on a patient’s age. We do not accept insurance. This allows us the freedom to spend more time with each patient and less time on the computer or with the insurance company.

Do I need to keep insurance?

Yes, everyone should have insurance for those times when x-rays, labs or hospital services are needed.

What services does Our Town Medical provide?

We provide all the services you are used to in a family practice office:

  • Complete Physical Exams

  • Injections

  • Allergy shots

  • Laceration repair

  • Casting and splinting

  • Skin lesion removal

  • EKGs

  • Hospital visits

…just to name a few.

As a patient, how do I contact Our Town Medical?

When you are a patient of Our Town Medical you will be given contact information so you can call, text or email 24 hours a day.

Am I stuck with a contract if I don’t like Our Town Medical?

No, the fees are charged to your credit card on the first of every month. You are obligated only for that month. You can discontinue services at any time without obligation.

How do I sign up?

Select the “Get Started" tab at the top of this page. The system will walk you through the registration process - it takes about 10 minutes.

Where is the clinic located?

The clinic is located at 907 South Main Street in Buena Vista, Colorado. The “Contact Us” page includes a map for your convenience. Parking is available along South Main Street or in the dirt lot just to the east of the clinic.